On people against feminism


What do you think about all the people who don’t understand feminism? Especially the women who supposedly “are against feminism because they don’t hate men”? Should we argue or is it a lost cause?

No, we shouldn’t argue. We should teach. We should enlighten. We should in the friendliest of…

"Budgets in Washington are tight, but our commitment to Israel’s security remains ironclad. The United States is committed to providing more than $3 billion each year to help finance Israel’s security through 2018."

Barack Obama, future occupant of the deepest pit in the lowest circle of hell [source] (via redphilistine)

wow, we suck
like a lot

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What mental and spiritual contortions must a human tortuously visit upon his own mind to justify letting thousands of his own people’s water get shut off over late bills, while sending billions to help another country further their own genocide project?

You are lost, Barack Obama. You are a lost soul leading a land of lost souls. Your words mean nothing, you have no claim to integrity, and we are all failing to do justice by the Palestinians.

At least some of us are not lying about it. I want to claim at least that much of my own soul. I will not keep quiet, I will not pretend Goliath is the underdog, I will not pretend murder is security, and I condemn you, your administration, the blood-slurping U.S. media, and all other traitors before truth. May your conscience return one day and show you how far you have fallen. May it wake up each night you try to rest your head on a pillow, and scream grief into your bones.

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